Diets aimed at burning fat, do not give anyone easy – they require a significant reduction in caloric intake. Diet without exercise – a bad strategy, which always leads to failure. Most people in this mode is really fat disappears, but at the same time occurs and the loss of lean body mass, which results in slower metabolism. The latter, in turn, means that to continue burning fat is required to further reduce caloric intake. For most people it is simply intolerable.

Numerous studies show: 97% of people get rid of excess fat, eventually returning to the original weight, and even exceed it. Several years ago a well-known TV host Oprah Winfrey proudly shown the world his new, slender figure, dressed in jeans, which for many years gathered dust in her closet. She lost 30 kg of weight! Unfortunately, it was not just fat, that turned out very quickly. Soon, she not only regained its former weight, but gained a little more.

The case of Oprah – a classic example of step diet, rapid weight loss with no less than his quick return. Such a diet results in a significant loss of lean body mass, which carries a major risk – slowing metabolism at rest in the process of weight loss requires a permanent reduction of caloric intake. Exercise greatly facilitate the process of this restructuring of the organism. Recent studies, which compared nizkoutlevodnye and other fat burning diet, indicate a high efficiency low-carb strategy for most people. This is explained by the work of different mechanisms – from greater loss of water to a more pronounced thermogenic effect.

The most recent data suggest that low-carbohydrate diets work simply because people who hold them to consume 1000 calories a day less. Why? Some believe that low-carbohydrate diets can not boast the variety, others believe that the whole matter in the control of insulin. Insulin causes hunger, reducing the level of glucose in the blood, so control over it helps moderate appetite. Lack of insulin in the theory that the protein diet also contributes to the release of insulin, although not as much as carbohydrates.

Most low-carbohydrate diet includes high intake of protein, because it supports the dry weight. Protein, in essence, determines the success of low carbohydrate diets. Compared with fat or carbohydrates protein saturates the better, which results in less food intake and, therefore, calories. Protein stimulates the gastro-intestinal hormones that send signals to appetite centers in the brain. The faster the digested protein, the sooner decreases appetite.

That is why the sources of rapid protein such as whey, suppress hunger more quickly than slow-nousvoyaemye proteins such as casein. In addition, the protein has a higher thermogenic effect. Thermogenesis, the conversion of calories into heat, is closely linked with the mechanisms of satisfying hunger. Animal proteins provide a powerful thermogenic effect than the plant, and therefore saturate faster. Recent studies show that eating high-protein diet on weight loss after helping to maintain the achieved results (1).

The researchers analyzed data from 113 obese men and women aged 18 to 60 years who followed low-calorie diet for a month, and managed to sustain the weight in the next 6 months. Then they were divided into high-protein and control groups. The participants first received an additional 30 grams of protein. Thus, the diet of the first group consisted of protein at 18% and control group – 15%. As a result, among the participants high-protein group was noted less than the return of the weight and waist size smaller than that of the control group.

Weight gain in the first group consisted of dry weight, whereas the control group gained more body fat. But more importantly – the saturation level after a meal in the protein group was significantly higher. (No group while not trained. ) The results showed that high-protein diet allows you to keep the dry weight and slow down the process of deposition of fat. Moreover, such a diet is more effective at suppressing appetite and enhances thermogenesis, which leads to healthy changes in body composition.

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